Workflow Wonders + SideKicks Photoshop and Elements Action Set


SideKicks contains “Kicks” that help start your image off right, you can add light or darkness, bump up the contrast, turn up the heat, boost the colors, add golden tones to fields, smooth skin, slim people down, selective sharpen, correct color casts, pop the eyes, and so much more! And that’s just in the starter set “SideKicks”. Use those actions alone or to provide a beautiful base to one of the many workflow options. You have the option of doing different clean edits, bold edits, soft edits, and black and whites, and each set contains multiple variations. Plus you get finishing actions to add a quick vignette, resize to hi-res Facebook images, flatten, merge, and more. Each color workflow contains a sharpening layer so it’s ready to go! Plus all actions are completely customizable and you can tweak them to your desire.

“This action set is a MUST OWN! I use the clean and warm, eye boosters, (it’s hard to find eye boosters that are perfect, and these are for baby blues, hazel, and green eyes) color pop, and LOVE the slimming action! I love that you can customize each action to your personal taste.
You get so many actions in this set and is well worth the money! You won’t go wrong (well I guess you would if you don’t trust me and buy this set) 🙂 Thank you DSisk”
“Purchased this yesterday. And I love this! I have many photoshop actions but this is definitely the BEST and my favorite. So happy 🙂 Just wondering if you will be making a new Workflow sometime in the nearest future?Thank you DSisk”
“the best set of actions I ever purchased. PERIOD.”

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Looking for the perfect set of actions to cover all your editing styles…Workflow Wonders + SideKicks is the set for you!


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