Wedding days can be very stressful…if you let it. Preparing ahead of time can lead to picture perfect moments. Here are some tips for brides to help create beautiful images for your special day.

Expect the Unexpected

You can’t control everything. As much as it would be great if everything turns out exactly as we envision, don’t stress when someone unexpected happens.  If it starts raining, enjoy it.  If you forgot something, don’t worry about it (unless it’s the marriage certificate! Gotta have that!). The main thing is to go with the flow and keep an open mind. When you allow these things to bother you, it can ruin your whole day and leave bad memories. None of those things are as important as enjoying time with your friends, family, and marrying the person that you love.

Build in Buffer Time

Timelines are great and provide a wonderful outline on how the day should go.  Always build in “buffer” time, especially around the hair and makeup time and the family portraits. Expect that you will be running behind and all ready have that extra cushion of time so you won’t stress out or end up not finishing what you need.

Time to Get Ready

When getting ready, decide what kind of vibe you prefer. Whether you want to hang out alone or with a couple close friends or with a room full of all your girlfriends. Figure out what makes you most comfortable. Also make sure that you gather all your little details (rings, shoes, dress, bouquets, invites, etc.) together and have them ready for your photographer. This saves us time and allows us to capture better images.  Also make sure to put all your bags and such in a dedicated corner of the room, out of the view of the camera. It helps clean up the background of your images. And grab some silk robes for all the ladies.  It creates a cohesive look and you don’t have to worry about what you are wearing underneath looks like.

First Look

I always recommend first looks. The first look happens before the wedding and the bride, groom, and me sneak off to another area. And I get to capture this wonderful moment when they see each other all dolled up and ready for the day. There’s an exciting and overwhelmingly loving, private moment I get to be a part of. I also do some bride/ groom portraits while we are together. If you don’t do a first look, then the portrait time after the ceremony is extended so we can do the bride and groom portraits then.

Formals Can Be Boring

Formals aren’t the most fun but they are definitely the images that mom and dad and grandparents love. So it’s worth it to do them. Make sure everyone is ready to go after the ceremony and they don’t sneak off to the reception area. Tracking down grandpa and making him come back wastes time and wastes his energy!

Best Time for Gorgeous Shots

The golden hour is something photographer’a love! It occurs early in the morning and also an hour  before the sun sets. This light is gorgeous and flattering.  Make sure to take advantage of this time. Let your photographer steal you from your reception for 15-20 minutes to get gorgeous images!

Party Time

Once the reception starts, you’ll generally only need me there for a couple hours. To cover the cake cutting, dances, and other events and to peruse around the dance floor a bit. There are only so many dance photos you can take, especially when people have started drinking! 😉

Some extra tips

Make sure someone knows how to tie ties and attach a boutinierre. 

Practice bustling your dress before your wedding day. You don’t want to be spending 15-30 minutes stressing out because you can’t bustle your dress. 

When you do your first kiss…make it last. Let it linger for a few seconds.

Most importantly…have fun and enjoy your day!

Hey! So I wanted to do a sort of “Introduction” post. Even though I’ve been doing this for 5 years now, and even with an “About Me” section; I wanted to be open, honest, and vulnerable with you all.

Last year I turned 30. I was definitely excited about it. I’ve spent most of my 20s doubting myself and shrinking who I was so I could let others shine. This is something I’ve done since I was very young.

I’ve always been creative. I remember being a young child and I would sketch cartoons I watched. I drew a tattoo for my dad. I was constantly drawing, it made me happy to be creative. Then I compared myself and I had someone say something negative that I took to heart. It crushed me. I slowly began a negative loop in my mind. In fact, I was around 11/12 when I became depressed. I hated myself and hated everything I did. I stopped drawing. I stopped doing something that made me happy.

I was able to get through this time with another creative pursuit…poetry. I expressed my feeling and emotions on paper. I couldn’t express them any other way. Being creative truly saved my life. It brought me out a dark place. My home life was also complicated and didn’t instill any confidence in myself. Depression has been something I have fought on and off since then. And being honest with myself and asking for help are the best ways to deal with it for me.

I took time off a couple years ago because I wasn’t able to focus. I could barely stay awake during the day. Which was becoming dangerous when I was driving. I talked with my doctor and got diagnosed with hypertension and ADHD, but she also tested my thyroid. Come to find out, I had hypothyroidism. Starting medication was life changing.

Getting my mental health in check is vital for me. So with my medication, plus learning techniques to deal with stress and negative feedback loops, I’m on the road to becoming a bad ass boss babe!

I am in awe of women who own themselves with no apologies. They give me life and inspire me greatly! I want to meet them, listens to them, photograph them, and learn from them.

I’ve also given myself a new mantra that I repeat over and over. It leads to me feeling great and smiling and ready to get out there:

I am smart. I am funny. I am kind.

I am beautiful. I am amazing.


Back again! Deitra’s back, tell a friend!  

Hey everyone! I’ve missed you all so much and am back at it again.  There’s been lots going one over in my world. But I’m so excited to get back to my photography.  I am only going to take Senior and Wedding sessions, so if you know anyone looking, I’d appreciate you sending them my way.

I had to redo my entire website (note to self…don’t let your hosting expire and forget to back up your site!).  I’ll be adding more posts of my past sessions and weddings.

I know many photographers who follow me, have asked about my freebies.  Hang tight!  I have to re-upload them all, but I will be working on that in time as well.  As well as other fun stuff!

Until my next post, enjoy a recent shot of my sweet little ones who keep growing older no matter how hard I try to keep them little!